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Whatever your product, be it food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals or granulates. Whatever the packaging unit: bags, cartons, bottles, crates or anything else, as soon as you put it on a pallet, the challenge starts: How to ensure a stable pallet and a damage-free transp?


At first, the challenge is in your warehouse. Pallets are moved into the warehouse with fork lifts and, in most cases, the pallets are stacked on top of each other. If the stability of the pallet is not good enough, the goods fall off the pallet or worse, the pallets collapse under the weight of the pallets on top – with people in the warehouse in direct danger!


As soon as the goods leave your warehouse, they will be moved in trucks and/or in a ship. Typical challenges are acceleration and brakes, curves, roundabouts and abrupt stops On a ship, although there will be no abrupt moves, there will be continuous up and down, left to right movements. Simulations have shown that sea transport poses an even higher challenge than road traffic to load damage prevention.


Our packaging materials offer a wide variety of options to enhance the stability and flexibility of the goods on a pallet. Not too tight, as you do not want your goods to be crushed. But tight enough, as you need the goods to remain stable on the pallet.


We are able to identify the optimal combination of machine and materials whilst minimizing packaging cost. Innovative materials allow considerable reduction of packaging material consumption and enhancement of stability and performance at the same time. Our customers profit in multiple ways: They fulfil EU regulations about load security, save money, have less transport damages and customer claims and cause less waste.


So, what are the next steps?


We offer our advice and are happy to support you. Just send an e-mail or give us a quick phone call. We are happy to come and see your packaging process and to discuss your optimization possibilities. We present the options and are available for product tests in your production facilities or with external partners. At the end of this process, you will receive a packaging concept with a calculation of savings potential.


We look forward to hearing from you! 

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