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Packaging machines


What is the use of a fast sports car, if you only drive within city limits? Equally, what is the use of great packaging materials if you do not exploit the characteristics by having wrong machines or machines settings?


Stretch films induce their name from their ability to be stretched. In the beginning, stretching the film requires very little force, lateron you can feel the tension of the film and finally, if you continue to pull further, the film will snap. If you do not stretch the film enough, the film will not tear, however, it will not provide the required holding force for the packaged goods. During transport, the film will allow the goods on a pallet to move freely and the film does not have enough power to bring the goods back onto the pallet in the intended way.


Therefore, it is important to stretch the film enough to the point where the film has a higher elastic power. We want to reach the point, where the goods on the pallet will not be crushed, but held together tightly. During transport, the goods will be able to move a bit, but the film will continuously move the goods back into the original position and the goods will arrive in good shape.


According to EU regulations, any goods on a pallet are allowed to move horizontally for up to 10% of the height of the pallet and must be moved back to a maximum of 5% of the pallet height. For example, if a pallet is 200 cm high, the maximum horizontal deformation must remain within 20 cm during transport and within 10 cm upon arrival. If the goods on the pallet are not within these ranges, the packaging method does not comply with EU regulations and external certification companies will claim a failure.


Therefore, the fact that the film does not tear is simply not good enough.


The stretch film and stretch wrapping machine must act as a well-tuned combination. The machine setting must ensure optimal stretching of the film in order to secure the pallets properly. Every single pallet constellation needs an individual solution.


The height of the pallet, weight of the goods on the pallet, sharp edges, form of the goods, fragility of the goods and environmental factors like humidity, temperature, UV-radiation all play an important role.


We are happy to support you in defining the optimal packaging constellation and ensure safe transport of your goods. In a first step, we focus on improving load security with existing films and machines, but in addition, we will identify further options to improve your packaging process and look at alternative films and machines. In many cases we are able to obtain considerable savings with small investments with a payback period of 1-2 years only. Even if you need a complete new packaging line or are reburfishing your production environment, we offer our advice. With our partners, we can offer complete strapping and wrapping packaging lines with options like in-line communication with a fully automated warehouse.


Especially for customers in the segment of construction materials, paper & board, glas and wood, we offer robust strapping machines, which are low in maintenance in dusty and dirty environments. Options like top press, edgeboard applicators, flexible prestretch settings and multiple wrapping programs can be selected and implemented.


We care for your project. Just send an e-mail or give us a call. We are happy to arrange a visit. 


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