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What use are the best materials if they cannot be used properly due to incorrect machine settings or old machines?

Stretch films owe their name to their elasticity. When the film is stretched, it is easy to do so at the beginning, then you start to feel a counterforce and finally the film tears. If the film is not stretched enough, it will not tear, but it will not hold the load. During transport movements, the goods can move freely in all directions on the pallet and the film does not have enough retraction to bring the pallet back into shape.

It is therefore important to stretch the film sufficiently. The goods on the pallet are not crushed, but are held together well. The goods can move a little if they move during transport, but the film pulls the goods back again and the pallet is as it should be upon arrival.

According to the EU directive, the goods on the pallet may move a maximum of 10% of the height in the horizontal direction, depending on the height of the pallet, and must be withdrawn in such a way that the goods remain displaced by a maximum of 5% of the height.

If the pallet has a height of 200 cm, the top layer must only be able to move by 20 cm and must remain below 10 cm horizontal displacement when not in use. If the goods remain inclined on the pallet, this does not comply with the EU directive and certification companies would classify the packaging method as faulty.

So it’s not just about the film not tearing!

The stretch film and the packaging machine must form a coordinated combination. The machine must be set in such a way that the film is optimally stretched and thus the pallet is secured depending on the materials on the pallet. Every single pallet constellation needs to be considered individually.

The height of the pallet, the weight of the goods on the pallet, sharp edges and corners, the shape of the goods on the pallet, the fragility of the goods and environmental factors such as humidity, temperature and solar radiation play a role.

We are happy to support you in optimizing your packaging process and in bringing about safe packaging. Initially, we will concentrate on improving load security with existing machines and films, but we will also advise you on the means and investments that can be used to achieve better results. More often than not, significant savings can be achieved with small investments with a payback period of 1-2 years.  

Your project is in the best of hands with us. Send us an email or give us a call to make an appointment.

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