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PET and PP Straps

Steel straps have been replaced by plastic straps since many years. With plastic straps the costs per packed unit can be reduced by approx. 50% and the safety for the employees in the packaging process can be increased. In addition, plastic straps have elasticity that can better withstand and compensate for movements of the packaged goods during transport. 

In addition to the savings potential and increased safety for employees, plastic straps are easy to recycle and are therefore more environmentally friendly. Many plastic straps are made to a large extent from recycled material. 

Plastic straps are produced in many widths, thicknesses and strengths. We will help you to make the right choice in accordance with the properties of the packaged goods. Influencing factors are the weight of the package, the dimensions, sharp edges, the shape of the pallet and the deformability of the packaged materials.

Many customers value the recognition of their goods and require straps in certain colours and/ or with company name and company logo. We are very flexible and happy to advise you.

Send us an email or give us a call to make an appointment. 

PET and PP straps: Our standard specifications
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