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Stretch films protect your goods. Against dust and water, but especially during transport, our films keep your product on the pallets and your customer receives your goods undamaged.

After several accidents involving goods dropped from trucks, European governments have introduced laws on load safety, including pallet stability. These laws contain the guidelines EN12195 and, most recently, EUMOS 40509. In several countries, the authorities critically examine trucks for load safety, and substantial fines are imposed if the legal standards are violated.

We will advise you if you are concerned about the stability of your pallets or if you need improvements. The easy way out is to put more layers of stretch film around your pallet. However, there are smarter ways. We measure the retraction forces of the film around your pallet after the wrapping process and select the best film for your pallet specifications. We can also help you to have your packaging process certified according to EUMOS 40509.

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